Combined cutter/vegetable slicer, variable speed 300 to 3700 rpm. Supplied with 7 lt stainless steel cutter bowl and lever operated feed hopper

3 in 1 machine: cutter, emulsifier and vegetable slicer to slice, grate, liquidise, mix and mince in a matter of seconds.
Incly system to incline motor base at 20° to better fit the vegetable slicer attachment.
Vegetable slicer unit has slicing, grating, shredding (julienne) as well as dicing and french fries capabilities.
Long vegetables round hopper integrated in the feed arm, 3/4 moon roundish hopper to limit pre cutting operations.
Emulsifier function (scraper) included as standard.
Base fixed cover for a better handling.

Pulse function to coarse chopping.
All parts in contact with food are removable without the use of tools, completely dismountable and dishwasher safe.
Automatic restart of the machine with the 3/4 moon shaped pusher in position.
Magnetic safety system and motor brake. Prevents machine from running when vegetable preparation lever and/or hopper are lifted or when cutter lid is not properly closed.
Automatic speed limitation according to the selected function (slicer or cutter).
Complete and wide selection of blades and grids available (diam. 205 mm).
Delivered with: [-] Stainless steel lever operated feed hopper [-] 7 lt stainless steel cutter bowl, transparent lid, scraper and microtoothed blade rotor