Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza Casserole


    4 whole boneless skinless chicken breasts
    1/2 stick butter
    1/2 c water
    3/4 c pepperidge farm cornbread stuffing mix 16 oz
    1 can(s) cream of mushroom soup 10.75 oz
    1 c sour cream
    1 c chicken broth
    salt and pepper to taste

    How to Make It

    Cut the meat into bite size pieces. In a hot skillet greased with a little butter sear the chicken on all sides. It doesn't have to be cooked through just nicely browned.
    2 Season lightly with salt and pepper and set aside. When its done remove from the heat and set aside.
    3 Melt butter and water together in a saucepan over medium heat and once melted remove from heat and mix with the cornbread stuffing mix well until moistened. Set aside.
    4 In another bowl combine the cream of chicken soup, sour cream and chicken broth until smooth a fork or a whisk is good for this.
    5 Put 3/4 of the stuffing mixture into a large greased casserole dish. Add the chicken on top of this. Pour the sour cream mixture over it all and top with the remaining 1/4 of stuffing. Bake at 325 for about 45 minutes.